Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 114

It is great to be home! I guess that is why I haven't written for awhile. I keep seeing things that were patiently waiting for my return. Two of the biggies were: Kassidy wanted to change rooms and I wanted to get the van back into the garage. Of course one thing leads to another. Happily, things are going very well. Karly has been getting labs drawn once a week. Except for the Creatinine remaining high, all are stable. We saw her advance congestive heart failure doctor last week. She was happy to see Karly. She would only add another heart medication, so we will see if this happens. It was sorta of based on the kidney ultrasound, so I really don't know if we need to add this medication. The kidney doppler ultrasound is worse than it was in June, but not so bad as to repeat the balloon procedure on the left renal artery unless her Creatinine rises higher and the BP increases as a norm. For the last 2 weeks the CR has remained the same and her BP except for a few days has been good. Karly has been attending her regular activities. Her days are more normal, so she is actually awake during the day. Continue to pray for her health to remain sick-free and stable...better than stable.

Well silly me. I asked Karly what she wanted to do for Christmas. She wanted to be somewhere warm. We started throwing around the idea of going on a short cruise. After researching if there was even a possibility, I finally asked the doctor if she could go. Sadly, she cannot. It would be too risky for her to be around more germs and so far away from medical care if something would arise. Then we asked her doctor to go too. Well, that got a chuckle. I should have known better. It is so hard to look at her and not think she is well. We will enjoy our time at home. It will be silly and full of warmth anyway.

Pray in general for us all to be healthy. I am so aware of people sniffling and coughing, so don't be surprised if I don a mask. We have all been healthy since I've been home. Praise Jesus!
Thank you for all your prayers and support! God is still good all the time!