Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dancing Through The Rain 2012

The last month of this year, WOW! January started out with a bang with Karly's laser surgery which took about 4 months to recover. By the end of that semester, her classes were caught up, and she got A's in both. This was amazing since she had wanted to drop it all about midway through her healing process, but she once again persevered through it all. Summer was a blast with Tracy and I celebrating our 30-yr. anniversary with a cruise to the Caribbean. It was a special time for us. We took the girls to Niagara Falls, Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine. We had a blast exploring new places and eating awesome seafood. East Coast is the only place Karly can eat seafood...and Oh how she enjoyed that. We had a Bunning family reunion at Cedar Lake which was super fun with the siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandma. Played soccer, volleyball, swam, kayaked, played Signs, link tag, had a fire, roasted wieners and marshmallows. Both boys were able to attend with us which is becoming more of a rarity, but cherish each moment we get. After Karly's emergency situation in Sept/Oct, she has been fairly stable. She remained on an IV antibiotic and antifungal for about 5 weeks. Once again, she got behind in her classes and is still trying to catch up, but by the end of the semester, she will have made it again. The longer she is off the antibiotic, the more she tends to feel poorly. Pray for endurance, strength, and healing. Hopefully, she will be able to rest a lot of the Christmas break. She still travels to NIH every 3 weeks alone. She finally met a DOCK8 female about Kelsey's age. I am hoping this will be a relationship that is helpful to her. This gal is going through a bone marrow transplant right now. Her brother was successfully transplanted in Feb. 2012 with stem cells and living a much better life. The website is coming along slowly which is okay with me. Pray with me that it all comes into place in His timing. I have been enjoying a more regular season with the younger girls(ages 11 & 13). This has been a very rewarding and peaceful time for me. Tracy still is teaching music in the elementary and singing on the Worship Team at church. He works out faithfully at the Y, and completed the Hilly Hundred again this year. All in all things have been more what one would call normal, although, nothing really seems normal. I think about Kelsey everyday. I try to remember not to get stuck in self-pity for only when that happens does things turn sorrowful. She is in Heaven, happy, dancing and praising the Lord! She has no regrets, only perfection. One day we shall have it too. Merry Christmas to All and God Bless Each and Every One of You!