Friday, March 18, 2011


Can it really be 45 days that Kelsey has been gone? Everyday feels weird in many ways...mostly that she is not part of the happenings everyday. I took the girls to Ritter's. This was something she always enjoyed. I was packing and remembering the mornings getting ready to care for her...picking out sleeveless clothes for the hot temp of her room...putting on the jewelry she loved. I wish that I could still care for her...but not in the hospital...not in that way. I wouldn't want her suffering through that anymore. There is no way I would want to forget her, but the reality of her not here is deep. It seems harder because she lived with us. She was part of everything here. I wish I had more of an understanding of what God is up to. I do see many things and stay open to what He is doing. I trust that whatever He is doing, it will be glorious!

As for Karly, we are not getting into transplant mode anytime soon. That being said, things change, and we are not opposed to it when it becomes necessary. One relief is that a couple more Dock 8 transplants will be happening sometime this year. Two more in Germany will also be occurring. We will be watching these outcomes closely. Again, no two people are the same or have exactly the same symptoms or will react the same. Just getting the protocol tweaked will be important. Something useful is always learned that will help the next person. Karly and I continue to travel to NIH every 3 weeks for her treatments and follow-up. Everyone is so supportive.

Thank you everyone who has fed us, contributed financially, helped out, and prayed for us. I have been to work twice. It has gone smoothly, and my first paycheck has showed up. We are still investigating how best to honor Kelsey. I will report on this when we finally get it together.

The work on the basement is progressing. It doesn't smell anymore, and it is dry. Painting will commence after spring break, then carpeting and trim in the family room. Then starting the bathroom after that. I have been in a cleaning mode some days, so I must confess that when Trent went to Boilermaker, I cleaned his room. He will either thank me or be mad at me. A boy with so many electronic parts may not appreciate the organization from his mom, but rest assured I know where everything is. I haven't decided whether to let him discover this when he gets home or give him a heads up tomorrow. It will be amusing to me either way...maybe it shouldn't be. He will get the response I get, " I love you Trenty!" The Boilermaker for those who may be going "What's that?" is the regional competition for FIRST Robotics. Team 1720 has been working on their bot since January. The bot was shipped in Feb. and they finally got to uncrate it on Thursday, repair and update anything else they needed to do. Today & tomorrow morning are the seed matches with the hopes that they seed high enough to get picked for the finals that begin at 1:00 tomorrow. This is Trent's senior year. He is driving the bot again this year. It takes place in the Armory on the Purdue University campus. Tyler will be joining us there tomorrow to cheer on Team 1720. FUN! Praying for safety for all as they travel!

Monday, March 7, 2011


So life moves on...we had an amazing Memorial Service for Kelsey at the NIH one week ago. We were able to give our perspectives on her life and death. Many doctors and nurses shared their perspectives of Kelsey's impact on science and their own lives. We were encouraged by their testimonies. My Uncle Arthur and Cousin Carol with son Michael attended as well. When I see all those at NIH impacted by Kelsey, Karly, and our family, I am encouraged that God is not done. I am challenged to find deeper insight and more revelations of Him through allowing myself to be refined, bent, and conformed for His purposes. Only through the Holy Spirit will I find the peace that passes all understanding. It is a daily, conscious effort to guard my heart and mind from doubt. Oh sure, it comes. Even after I entertain it, the result is the same. It always comes back to "it was her appointed time". You know that my mind takes me back to those last hours when we knew that she was going and that only God could take her or leave her with us. It was then that we had the courage in that hour to find rest in the Lord and to praise Him in that circumstance. In my mind, I tried to place blame and anger, but it was not there. In my heart, I knew this was God's plan. There was no man in control of her life. Kelsey lived her life like she wanted to...full of God with a mission.

We are doing well. Tyler is currently in Panama City, Florida with the Wabash Christian Men on a Campus Crusade for Christ evangelical trip. He just finished the classes from his fall semester plus doing the spring semester, and he so needed a break. He has been working so hard to catch up. Trent has been accepted to Wabash College in the Fall, so we are all thrilled about this. Konner said that half of her dream came true....Trent goes to college and she gets his room. I don't think she will "get his room just yet." He is still in the Robotics season. The 'bot is in Lafayette, so the team will be traveling there for the Boilermaker later this month. Karly is being sufficiently spoiled by Zach. He surprised her with a private dinner, in a private location, with 2 of her girlfriends cooking a Karly-friendly meal that was extra specially yummy. Then, he bought her a new hamster....named Juniper Parfait, but called Parfait. She is cute and friendly and makes Karly smile. Way to go Zach! She won second place in the AFCEA art contest at the Children's Inn. She has a new XBox 360 which makes the boys happy. We are awaiting word to know if she and I will attend the Gala in Washington D.C. in April. This would be an awesome event for her and I to experience together plus she is quite the speaker and could do some publicity for the Inn. Did I mention that she gets to go to Puerto Rico with Zach and family or that she is spoiled? Konner and Kassidy are doing regularly scheduled school, dance, and coops. Tracy is preparing for a Spring concert at school. I am starting work this week. After we got water in the basement last week while we were gone, the clean-up for 1 room is mostly done. Cutting out carpet and baseboards and drywall still in the works. Unsure when we should really try to get it repaired with all the rain we are still getting??? Just walking daily in it all. Our thanks go out to all of you who have supported us daily. Remaining thankful in one's heart is so important in your everyday walkings. "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18 These daily rejoicings release Heaven's treasures and delight our Father. I pray you all find daily praises and rejoicing!