Saturday, July 12, 2014

She has signed the papers!

After Karly's week of testing, we were able to fly into Indianapolis July 4, get picked up, and drive 3 hrs. to visit some close family friends for the holiday weekend. What a fabulous time that was! Lake activities, games, awesome conversations, and relaxation. Tracy and Karly went to NIH on July 8 thinking she would sign the papers, but they weren't ready yet. July 9 was a crazy hard day for Karly because of all the last minute multitude of other tests and clinics she had to get to. She started her day at 8am, but didn't even get to eat until 3:00pm.We had thought Karly would be signed into the protocol by the beginning of that week provided all tests came back as needed. Well, her testing proved to be fine...except the heart which remains the same, but the safety board hadn't approved the changes made until Thursday, July 10. Tracy and Karly just kept going with the never-ending flow of unpredictable schedule changes and finally arrived back home yesterday following her bone marrow biopsy. As Tracy tells the story, he thought he wouldn't have any issues being with her in the procedure, but after the long aspiration needle come out, he about passed out. He was asked to sit on the floor until it was over. She is sore and walking very slowly. She is home long enough to rest a bit, see her family, hamster and wash clothes, then back again to NIH on Sunday for some more prep before her other lines go in on Friday and chemo to start Saturday, July 19. It will be another crazy week full of testing. One of the chemos we need to know how she clears it, so Monday they give her a test dose then take blood every hour after and that gets sent to an out-sourced lab. We really need the results back before she gets that chemo. The emotions are all over the place. Karly's boyfriend, Zach, will be going with her on Sunday and staying there until he feels like he can come home. I will be flying out on Friday and staying until she comes home in approximately 100 days, sooner if all goes exceedingly well. Tyler goes out on July 23 to prep for being her bone marrow donor. The rest of the family will be coming out just after that. The head shaving will occur sometime during the last week of July or early August. I will post that when it happens, because they can be a bit creative. I love the way they support her. We are still praying as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane, "My Father, if it is all possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will." It is totally in His Hands. We hold her out to Him for she is His. We Trust. We have Faith. Please pray in the Spirit, and you will be led how to pray. I will keep this blog updated as we journey on. Most importantly we covet your prayers.

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