Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 4 & 5

She was experiencing gut pain most of the day until she finally got an extra dose of nausea medication which puts her to sleep. When she woke up, she felt better. She was able to shave Zach's head and play some games. The fever hasn't returned, so they think it was the result of the Cytoxin messing with things. All of her cultures have been negative, and her lungs look stable. Her sinuses are worse, so she will see ENT for cultures to make sure they aren't missing any bacterial or fungal boogers. Ha Ha! She is permanently tethered to her immunosuppressant. This will continue for awhile and eventually go to a pill.

Nothing new today. She is having a pretty good day. They have said that she can go out to the wig store for her try-on today since she is not neutropenic yet. Kidney and heart still with-standing all assaults. God is good all the time!

Tracy, Konner, and Kassidy are taking the Metro into DC today. The only goal was the Holocaust Museum. The girls had alot of fun over the last two days at the Teen Retreat. The boys started "Pinky and the Brain" for Karly's morning entertainment. Oh boy!

They expect the counts to start rising about Day 14. It is hard to make plans. Just have to see how she is doing that day and go from there. We are encouraged. Thank you for the cards and notes. They make a difference.

To God Be The Glory!

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