Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day -1

Tyler had a busy day with appointments then got admitted and settled in. He was a trooper. The charge nurse couldn't get an IV in him so after 2 tries, she got an ICU nurse to start one. He had fluids run all night. Karly had her total body radiation that afternoon. It gave her a suntan, but it really zonked her. She slept pretty much 24 hrs with an occasional try for food and to take meds. She didn't feel well...nauseous, chills, body aches, and headache.

I was so thankful to have Zach be with her when I left. It seems to just help knowing that someone else is looking out for her. Nursing staff is not perfect, and mistakes are made. We are thankful to have someone always with her. We know that God is in control and continually look to Him for all things.

I went back late that night thinking I would get some sleep before the early morning hit, but God had other plans. I met a 13 yr. old DOCK8 patient and his mom. They are from Saudi Arabia. He spoke English pretty well. She understood most of what I was saying and her son translated her questions. Her son has a full match(his cousin) and will be getting transplanted within the month. I found out another DOCK8 family will be here next week, so I look forward to finding time to meet them. I hope that Karly will be well enough to be able to meet them all. I am excited to meet some more DOCK8 families in person.

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