Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 3

Yesterday went well. She received large doses of fluid to help the Cytoxin go through her and several other drugs that go before and after it. She spiked a fever this morning which causes quite a clatter. They will be running a few scans to look at sinuses and lungs. They are being careful with all symptoms...could be just the Cytoxin messing with the things it's suppose to mess with. More nausea today also. Really still doing great. Her counts are expected to zero-out within two days.

We were energized today to meet a DOCK8 family from Alabama. The older son is 9 months out from his fully matched transplant and doing so awesome. His younger sister is Karly's age and living life very well right now. She will do a fully matched transplant sometime in her future. The unique thing here is that their older sister was the full match for both of them. That is amazing.

Tyler is walking better...meaning he has less of the swag of a Lego man. I accidentally swiped an area on his back, and he let me know about it. He has bruising that is evident now.

Kassidy and Konner are participating in the Teen Retreat at the Children' Inn. They had fun with the activities and have met new people they can call their friends.

Karly felt well enough about 5:00pm yesterday to shave heads. We got three done before she needed to rest. Zach's head was supposed to be the after dinner entertainment, but she never perked up enough to get er done...maybe today.

Karly's heart and kidney function have been holding up well. We are excited that she has been doing this well. Praise Jesus from whom all blessings flow. Thank you family of believers for staying strong.


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