Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 0

Today was very busy to say the least. Tyler was suppose to be taken to the OR at 7:30. When we arrived, there was a piece of equipment that wasn't ready. They finally took him back at 10:00am.

French Beret
 I loved his humor after the first push of "happy juice". It felt like a glass of wine. The anesthesiologist asked if he wanted a second one. He said to wait a minute, then he replied, "Yes, I would like another one." He was feeling pretty happy. I knew the procedure would take about 3 hours, so I went to Karly's room to help her with breakfast and morning medications. I stayed with her until about noon, then went back to the OR waiting room. About 1:00pm they were done, and said they got all they could get, and he was doing well. I stayed with him in the recovery room until Karly called and needed me to help feed her. She had gotten up and found that her BP was too low and was woozy. Now I was divided. Tyler's pain threshold had finally started to come down, and the nurse was going to give report to his floor nurse, so I thought he would be moved down shortly. Karly and Tyler were in close proximity on the same floor. I went to help Karly. When Tyler came down, I helped get him settled. The narcotics they had given him in the recovery room probably caught up with him. He was woozy and nauseous most of the rest of that day. He was so hungry, but every time he sat up and ate a couple bites, he had to lay back down and felt like he was going to be sick. This went on all day and finally got sick. He just wanted to endure more of the pain than get any more of the narcotics. Eventually with the help of nausea medication and just Tylenol, he was able to eat and wake up. His pain level is still pretty good, but is just using Tylenol to cope with it. He is barely anemic, but will take some iron tablets and will recover with some time. He has the swag of a Lego Man when he walks.

Karly's day was not going so well since 5:00pm Thursday night. She had chills, nausea, body aches, and headache. They think it was the total body irradiation. She pretty much slept the whole day with little up time for meds and potty. She even slept through Uncle Alan's, Aunt Joanne's, Regan and Anna's visit Friday night during her infusion. After Tyler's bone marrow was harvested, it was taken to a lab for some sort of process. Karly started receiving the cells at 5:00pm and went for 6 hours.
She received a whopping bag full, so Dr. is quite pleased with this. Now we see what these cells do in her body. Quite amazing!

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