Monday, February 14, 2011

The Celebration

Hey everybody,
What a great celebration Saturday. So many wonderful people all praising God for a life well spent. I want you to know we shared in a time that was exactly what Kelsey would desire and what God smiled upon. We felt saddened by the reason for the event but by the time it was over I could really sense a joy at knowing we had honored God and symbolized just what made Kelsey the person she is.
God truly smiled on Saturday. As this blog goes along, you may see more testimony to how Kelsey continues to influence people. The stories I heard on Saturday inspired me, humbled me, and honored the power of God working through my precious daughter. There were life changing stories of empowerment and joy, hopelessness to transforming new beginnings, and shared joy and togetherness. Yes, you blessed me with tales of a person committed to loving like Jesus and sacrificing for His good pleasure.
Then there was the worship. It was so genuine and uplifting, libertating and freeing. There was a spark of God that kindled a blazing fire. I hope you recieved a saturation of God's smoke. I know I did.
Thanks again for sharing and showing the support you have been all during our rainstorm.
Just a reminder that we are still praying for that perfect match for Karly. We don't know when or if Karly will be dancing in the rain, but God does and will share that with her in His due time. And when he does, Kelsey's dance instruction will surely allow us the steps needed to dance in that rain.

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