Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tyler's Still Here!

After Tyler sat around the hospital room Sunday and Monday, he was ready for a change. He took the metro and met up with some Wabash friends downtown DC, wondered around, and spent the night with them. He rendezvoued with his Uncle Ridge for a tour of Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday. We went to the Inn for dinner Tuesday and Wednesday. Also on Wednesday was the Art Contest Party. Karly and Kelsey entered pieces. Karly won an honorable mention award. She will be able to spend her gift card on clothes that will fit. She hasn't felt particularly well the last few days, but she has finished her 6th Cycle! She will get scans April 1 with hopes to go home for awhile. Tyler joined me in the playroom for an art session today, then we all went to the Relaxation Room. Tyler thought it was an interesting experience. Tomorrow, Aunt Debbie and Deana will be picking us up on their way to Frederick. Deana was 1 of the 2 from her county that made the All-County Choir that performs in Bethesda on Sunday. She will be jailed for the weekend while all members come together to work on the pieces. Anyway, Karly had been craving Cracker Barrel biscuits and strawberry jam so her wish will come true tomorrow. After lunch, Debbie will return us to NIH for Tyler to get to the airport for his flight back to Indiana. This may be Karly's last outing for a week since she goes neutropenic sometime over the weekend. If for some reason her counts haven't dropped too far, then she will get to see Deana perform on Sunday afternoon. Still no news about a match. Another drive was happening today in Lafayette. My mom drove up to help out. We are counting down the days until we are together as a family...10 our respite week. It is still hard to comprehend that we've reached this point. Once the scans clear her, she will be officially in remission awaiting the stem cell transplant. Praise God!

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