Monday, March 1, 2010

Pass Weekend!

We arrived at my sister Debbie's house Friday afternoon where we signed cousin Reid's cast and said "Hi" to Hannah, Rachel, Deana, and Ridge. Without too much thought, we proceeded to Red Lobster. One of the goals for the weekend was put weight on Karly.
We were entertained by a Bully Lobster. I don't know anything about Lobster Hierarchy, but there was a lobster that kept all other lobsters pinned to the sides of the tank. It kept us laughing for hours. Karly tried Steamed Snow Crab legs for the first time and highly recommends them. She also enjoyed jumbo grilled shrimp. The girls had no trouble entertaining themselves. Saturday was Spa Day. The girls were treated to a back massage, then each received a pedicure. Deana got her hair cut while Karly got a manicure. The moms enjoyed this as well! Karly had requested that I fix her a corned beef, cabbage, and potato supper with Bonnie Butter Cake which of course she got. I still know how to cook after 4 months. We chilled the rest of the evening. Sunday we went to Deana's favorite restaurant and saw Avatar. We had so much fun being spoiled. Karly walked the long flight of stairs to Deana's room many times. I caught her gazing up them Saturday night in contemplation of the trek and laughed at her. I had the nurse weigh her when we returned. She had gained 2 pounds. YEAH! The plans this week include the CNS(Central Nervous System) chemo in the Ommaya, anesthesiology consult, bone biopsy, and 6th Cycle Systemic Chemo. She is doing so well. Her brother, Tyler, comes to visit Friday during his spring break for a week. This will cause quite a diversion.

Kelsey had a not so fun week last week. While we like rejoicing in the good news we get, the yo-yo effect is ever so present. The hope of the study drug has been halted. Although we know it is for the good of her organs, this leaves her stuck in her pain and current situation with no hope of changing things until the transplant. We would just love to hear that they have found a donor, but none found yet. The other reality is that if no donor is found, the double cord blood would be used but only has enough cells for 1 transplant leaving one to wait. It is looking like Karly would be the priority because she already has the cancer, and Kelsey is pre-cancerous. We still keep trusting God in whatever is to come. In the devotional I was reading the other day, it says that our future looks uncertain and feels flimsy-even precarious. Secret things belong to the Lord, and future things are secret things. My job is to keep my eyes on the Lord, letting Him lead me in this journey, trusting Him to open up the way to go. Only by fixing my eyes on Him will we be able to run with endurance the race that is set before us without stumbling or falling.

Thanks to all of you who are praying, caring, and loving us through this race.

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