Friday, March 5, 2010

Hurry up and wait

My dad, a WW2 veteran, used to use the term, "hurry up and wait" when he was referring to the frustrations of army life. I so can relate! When the donor drive was fast approaching, I was in such a hurry to see that donor show up. Well, as time passes I realize that our donor drive was more then a fast track to my girls finding a donor. It was a common good thing that is going to benefit possibly hundreds of lives. So we hurry up and wait. Then, Kelsey got on this trial drug and I couldn't wait to see the miraculous result that could happen. Due to unforeseen complications with her lungs, Hurry up and wait again. Now we get to the sixth round of chemo with Karly and again I am so excited that possibly this may be the last. Just this much more, just that last thing, just a bit more reaction. You guessed it, Hurry up and wait. Through it all the lesson is clear. You know Noah, was sitting in a desert for 100 years with no rain building an ocean liner. Do you suppose we need these lessons in patience? It is tough when it is personal. It is tough because of your faith. You know that you know what your creator God can do. You are sure that Jesus' touch can instantly cure. Up until just now, I never thought about the fact that perhaps there were thousands more healed that were never written about in the Bible because of , Hurry up and wait.

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