Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tyler's Here!

Karly was excited to see her brother parade into her room Friday night. Her Uncle Ridge graciously picked him up at BWI and transported him here safely. Saturday morning before we went to Montgomery Mall on the Children's Inn trip, we Skyped home where Karly and Tyler entertained the family. The picture below shows them rapping to the song "Lonely". The picture above shows Tyler modeling one of Karly's wigs. Tyler wheeled Karly around the mall in her wheelchair for 3 hours. The rest of the evening was uneventful with both taking naps. The weather here is beautiful...sunny and 50's. I hope to get them out for a walk around campus. Tyler was so sure he would win at Mancala, but Karly has beat him three times.

Karly made it through the bone biopsy and busy week. She is still gaining weight...102 pounds today. Preliminary report on biopsy is clear of lymphoma but waiting on the final report next week. After she finishes this cycle, she will get scans of areas where lymphoma was. We will hopefully make plans for leaving here within the month. She will return every 4 weeks for Ommaya chemo until end of May. Talking is still in the process for the stem cell transplant. I hope to get home for awhile before this starts. All in all everything is good.

Kelsey's liver function has finally returned to almost normal levels. She returns here on March 17 to monitor her septum biopsy area and keep a watchful eye on her. She will stay with us until the end of March. The rest of the family joins us here March 21 on Spring Break at our respite week in Ocean City, MD. Grandma is coming with them to visit Gilley family(my sister and family), then see us at the hospital for a few days. It will be an eventful March with visits and medical plans.

We are doing well spiritually, remaining hopeful and positive. As always, no words can express how grateful we are for the help, encouragement, and active participation we've received during this time, BUT I am and we are so humbly blessed to have you in our lives. We know that we are not through this time anytime soon, but time is passing quickly for us; we hope and pray that you will continue to walk with us. Praise God!


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  1. Tyler, you are looking really gangster in a really white geekish kind of way...very interesting look! Glad to see that you have having a great time with your family. The wig is perfect and I think you should consider going with that style. Well, enjoy the remaining part of your Spring break. We will be waiting for you once you get back.