Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Friday

Well, another Friday has come. Yes another Friday! The kids are entering some new classes, which forces me to evaluate their work load. But all in all school is getting done in semi-sufficient form and the wheels on the bus do go round and round. For a while there we had a flat tire or two.
I wanted to mention for those Survivor fans about the preview show which for whatever reason, ( I'm sure God knows ) I got to watch a portion of it. My TV viewing is sporadic at best these days, but I just happened to catch a section of the show. On it, they showed ex survivor contestant Ethan, who is currently fighting a rarer form of Lymphoma. They did a whole segment on his trials with Jenna and how they were survivors in real life. And this was the cool thing, he has recently had a stem cell transplant and is now doing fairly well. Now I hadn't even thought to turn on the TV and certainly didn't even know that Survivor was even having a preview show. But I just so happened, (thank you Lord), to be in the room and there it was. I give glory to my Lord and Savior for presenting this encouragement to me in the context of my everyday life. Being Survivor fans, I'm sure this will soon be our testimony as well!!!!!
The long hall is grueling, the view of the road is fog covered at best, the victories are small and sporadic. In survivor terms, we haven't won many reward challenges and have set at the fire for tribal counsel a lot. But Jeff hasn't snuffed our torch!
The Lord uses a reality show to bring His reality to bare. He is the hope of the Nations throughout generations, a person so personal He even subtracted as Karly's hair fell out. Yes, we LOVE THE LORD!!! He is our strength, our hope and our provider of peace. And we are His survivor finalists!


We get to play the game with much nicer, kinder, wonderful contestants!

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