Monday, February 22, 2010

being apart

I really am concerned with the separation of this whole thing. When you get caught up in the details of functioning in life, or the processes of working the system to gain whatever benefit you can get from it or just allowing the distance and silence of that distance but relax on the intimacies of life together because of distance, because of convenience, or because you forget the importance of that, then you really have lost something.
The struggle of being apart is just that. It is a constant dimming of the lights that illuminate relationship. In the old days of light-housing, the lighthouse keeper would have to do constant rituals of trimming the wick and polishing the glass to maintain the intensity of the light. After all, it was that light that keeps the harbor safe from tragedy. It kept the boats off the rocks.
I think we see this distance in homes all over America through their jobs, their personal activities, in their struggle to be independent of one another. It has just taken me this distance to step back and see it for what it is. It smudging of the lens, the carbonizing of the wick. The challenge is to be purposeful in your pursuit of the intimacy in the relationship. Being purposeful to share the details of the struggle, the fears, the positives. This is a good lesson for all I do believe.


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  1. So very true!! I appreciate your comments and pray that this same understanding can invade the hearts of families around the globe. Debt, ambition, personal goals and desires plunge us into a never ending frenzy of exhaustion, leaving us paralyzed and useless to those we are "sworn" to love and protect. Often it seems that only after our children begin leaving the nest or some tragedy occurs which threatens our "safe" families, do we begin to see with crystal clear clarity. Some are blessed enough to change and repair the broken chords of this divine gift called "family relationship", while others only look back in retrospect mourning their losses as they pick up the pieces. You and your family are precious and a testimony to us all. Again, without knowing you, we love you. Great Grace and Multiplied Mercies!! -Loren Sprowl