Sunday, February 7, 2010

As Time Flys By

Karly commented to me on Friday, February 5 that it had been 3 months. It really is going fast. She starts Cycle 5 on Friday, Feb.12. She has a bone biopsy on the 12th also. This will give us some more insight in how well the treatment is going. She graduated to the once a month head chemo which treats the Central Nervous System. This treatment goes until around May 20. The teams have started the preliminary talks toward her stem cell transplant. The goal is to move directly into the transplant after the lymphoma is gone. I know this extends my stay here but hopefully we will have time between Cycle 6 and the transplant to come home. As always, we will do whatever is best for Karly. It would be cool if both girls could transplant at the same time.

I've had a rough week. The Inn moved my wing of guests to other rooms. I am in an uncomfortable room with a space heater, right next to the big screen entertainment center, the exit to our rooms, and the parking lot. I shivered again last night until 1:30am, listened to the snow plow until about then, and the door slamming that late also. I keep telling myself it could be worse. This situation has caused me to want to breakdown and cry, but I haven't because it is not worth it. This situation is beyond my human understanding that I cannot explain or fix. I have pleaded with the manager, expressed my needs, and have to leave it at that. There is only one way out...through the wisdom of my Heavenly send the Spirit of show me how to walk wisely through these days. Only this wisdom will make a way for me. As His wisdom is revealed, Lord help me to be faithful to all that you show me to do. Continue to help me trust you and to remember that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to you. Help me to know the difference between human advice and Godly advice and to always choose Your way.


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