Friday, February 12, 2010

Today started out with the scheduled bone biopsy. We went to procedures but the anesthesiologist wasn't comfortable with giving the needed sedation. He sent us to the OR. After we arrived there, that anesthesiologist wasn't comfortable either. She has this goopey cough which is normal for her but puts her at a higher risk. During the Ommaya surgery they had to tube her. Nobody wanted to take on the risk right now. The hope is that she will improve in the next three weeks. Karly always sounds like this during the winter months, so I don't expect much of a change until Spring. The docs are putting her on a regularly scheduled nebulizer which should help. The Cancer Team needs to know what the bone marrow is looking like. This will help them in making a determination as to when she will stop systemic chemo. I don't know what will happen, but it will all work out.

Yes, we did get 4 feet of snow. The left photo is the steps I travel everyday leading up to the front of the hospital. The right photo is the path leading back to the Children's Inn. The hospital was finally officially opened today. I was able to move to my original room. Just in time to sleep in on the weekend. YEAH! I spent the last three days working on taxes for myself, my son, and several financial aid forms required by his college. I finally submitted all three tonight.

Today was the Valentine's Party which was postponed until today. Unfortunately, Karly wasn't able to go because of her chemo. However, I brought her the crafts and sweets. I expect the weekend to be uneventful. This is a good thing when we talk about health...boring is good.

I hadn't posted Trent's bald head from a couple weeks ago, so here they are. Speaking of hair...we Skyped Tyler yesterday and he called Karly- Einstein because of her hair. She responded with, "He's a genius!" She has been feeling so much better the last three weeks. Praise God! As always, our trust is in Him. He equips us with whatever we need everyday.


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