Sunday, December 27, 2009

My dad passed away last night. I was so hoping that my dad would make it until Karly and I could return home to just spend time with him. He was a great grandpa to his grandkids. I think he did an excellent job of calling them daily, telling them funny stories, and sharing his life with them. It will be something they miss when life returns to some sort of normality in Muncie. Just another instance of God's caring for us....we Skyped my mom and dad on Friday night from the hospital. Debbie and Ridge had gotten Reid to the hospital, no small feat, so 10 of the grandkids were able to talk to him and say they loved him. The other 5 grandkids were at his house on Christmas day so I must say God's timing is so marvelous. We may have wanted him around, but God's knows and we must trust in that. Dad went very peacefully in his chair. The memorial service will be in "The Chapel" at Union Chapel Ministries on Saturday, January 2 in Muncie at 10:00am. Tracy and I have a lot to figure out in regards to who stays with Karly, but I know it will happen as it is supposed to. When you look back at the timing of things in your past, you can see God's timing. For instance, we never really felt like the girls needed a Make-A-Wish, but was prompted to go for it. It was the most wonderful time of our lives and the key was that both girls FELT like going. Who would have guessed that both girls would be so seriously ill at this time. Any other time would have been no fun..God knew. In fact, those memories are the ones that Karly can look back on when she is miserable. We celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary this summer, although they really didn't want a big hurrah. After the party, they were beyond words with happiness. It was perfect! Grandpa had always said he wanted Carly Simon's Itsy Bitsy Spider played at his funeral. We had thought that what a great surprise to have the grandkids and kids sing and dance to it at his anniversary where he could really enjoy it. He loved it...we had to do an encore. I suppose we should play it as his funeral too. He was able to enjoy his relatives and friends, from his college days to now. What a blessing to him, mom and us. Thanks be to God, our Father, who loves us and knows far more than we ever will.


  1. So sorry to hear about your dad.

  2. We are so sorry to hear about your dad. He was such a sweet man. I know you will all miss him lots.