Saturday, December 12, 2009

I woke Karly up this morning at 5:00am to get her ready for the Fantasy Flight excursion. She seemed eager to go. We had laid her clothes out last night. We boarded the shuttle to Dulles Airport. Upon arrival, we boarded flight Sleigh Ride 1 to the North Pole. It was actually listed on the Departure Board. We left the gate at 9:15 for a 45 minute flight to our destination. The window shades were drawn so the location of Santa remained secret. When we arrived, there were many groups of singers, dancers, craft and food tables, Santa, and Mrs. Claus. It seemed mostly geared for the younger kids, however, we had fun. Karly and Santa had a nice conversation about something secret, I think about me. She giggled. We were given a photo of her and Santa. She received a nice bag of gifts, made a few crafts, and sampled a few foods. We arrived back to NIH at 1:30. She was in a wheelchair the entire day. She was very tired, but she didn't complain about her head aching like it has been. This may mean she won't need the blood patch. She has slept the rest of the day. By the way, I braided her thinning hair, put a soft, cute hat on her, and she looked amazing. She has only dressed for two occasions since being diagnosed...Thanksgiving and Fantasy Flight. Tomorrow should be a very low key day. If she is feeling better, she has many crafts to work on....courtesy of Kelly.

Many of you may not know this, but one of my many projects that was to be done after the donor drive was redo our guest room for Kelsey. She had decided to move back home until her transplant was over. Our house is 50 years old and the carpet and paint hadn't been updated in a long while. For the sake of her health, I wanted a new floor, paint and fresh look for her. It was to be a surprise. When I found out that I wasn't going to be home for so many months, some friends asked what they could do to help. I asked if this was something they could do. My dear friends Carmel and Kelly took hold of this project. We secretly quizzed Kelsey when she was out here about colors. Karly helped make some decisions. I believe I can report that the room is now finished. Kelsey showed up at our house yesterday unannounced which is fine. She discovered the secret plan, and Kelly called me. We let Kelsey know that the renovations were just for her. I think the girl was shocked and awed. That was the expression I was going for. God is using His people in many different ways to bless us and help us. I really cannot think too much about what is happening at home or I get overwhelmed. However, Tracy and the family are more than surviving thanks to all the people helping out.

Tyler's situation with the car has turned out beautifully. He can now get himself home and back again when he needs to. My total attentions can remain on Karly. Many thanks to his professor.

One prayer request that I can think of right now is for my dad. He needs his health restored. Wisdom for the doctors. He came close to death while I was in Kazakhstan in October. I cannot fathom a funeral in the midst of all this, and it would devastate Karly.

Kelsey still has not been able to take her pain medications. Life for her is a struggle. I pray God finds many creative ways to bring a smile to her face and to take her mind off her pain.

Christmas is approaching, and we will be finding ourselves together in Maryland. We do not know where we will be...either at the Inn or my sister Debbie's. BUT I know it will be a praised- filled, belly-laughing time with all of our family here...maybe some friends too.

Feel free to comment. It is always a blessing to here from you.

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