Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A lot seems to happen on a daily basis around here. Monday is when they put the chemo in her brain port(Ommaya). This makes the next two days predictably not so good. She has had a bad throbbing headache and a fairly high fever. She continues the antibiotics. She has a good dose of pain medication when she pushes her button. She has reached the once a week Ommaya chemo. YEAH! They will be increasing her systemic chemo when she begins again on January 1. It doesn't look like we will be outpatient for Christmas, but the Children's Inn will take care of everything. They are serving a brunch at 10:00 am, presents around the fireplace at noon, dinner in the late afternoon. We may be able to get to my sister's Sat. or Sun. if she starts having no fevers, can sit up, and keep food down. She's ending the 2nd cycle on Dec. 31, so only 4 more cycles to go.

Kelsey was here for a short trip last week. It went OK, but she hasn't been feeling well...very tired and hurts in the lungs and back. She left last week with an appt. to be outpatient this week on Tuesday. She presented with a pretty high fever and pain in the lung and back that still hadn't resolved. They took a CT of her chest and X-ray of her back. She has a diffuse looking haze throughout both lungs, particularly the left one and white spots throughout. They admitted her last night. This morning she had a bronchoscopy with biopsies of several areas. She is resting today waiting for some sort of diagnosis. What is really weird is Karly had this kind of looking lungs several years ago, and we never figured it out. Kelsey's lung issues seem to be worsening on a steady basis. With Christmas in two days, we most likely won't know anything until next week.

We thank everyone who has contributed to our financial situation. We have been able to purchase Christmas gifts, use gas cards for the long trips to Maryland by van, eat, take care of bills, and feel like things are taken care of. We are is hard to explain.....AWED! Beyond belief that this is happening to us, but yet we are so at peace. I feel very relaxed with things even as they change day to day. My emotions are raw. Both girls are so courageous and are such a witness of strength and grace of God's love. Having the whole family here has been fun. I see Karly having emotions of laughter, spunk as she hits her brother Tyler as he tries to feed her, smiles as she watches the Facebook of her friends shaving their heads(by the way it is awesome and you all look great), giggles with her cousins, smooches with her parents, and sharing goofy youtube videos with her brother Trent.

Hey, my girls at the office....I tried to call you today but noticed it was too late to wish you a gigantic Merry Christmas and Blessed Happy New Year! Thank you sooooomuch for the huge box of stuff, $$, and loving notes. I was greatly blessed by your caring for Karly, my family at home, and me. You have been awesome!

In case I don't get back to you before Christmas, the Koch's extend everyone the deepest feelings of joy and love for this season of Christ's birth.
Tracy, Tammy, Kelsey, Tyler, Trent, Karly, Konner, and Kassidy


  1. Hi Tammy and family,

    Happy holidays! Your family is in my prayers.

    Stay strong,

  2. Merry Christmas, God plans are bigger than any thing I can understand, Thank you for your witness in all you are going thru.