Thursday, December 3, 2009

I continue to be awed at God's presence and timing through this reality that still at times feels like a dream. Karly continues to be in a great amount of pain from the lumbar puncture on Nov. 25. She must remain flat and when she sits up to take a medicine or use the bathroom, her head just wants to explode and gets nauseous. Everyone is sure it is a lumbar leak which cannot be repaired until after the last lumbar on Monday, Dec. 7. We hope that the last lumbar will indeed be on Dec. 7 with the Ommaya Reservoir going in on Dec. 9. Her spinal fluid volume in the area to be accessed is reduced because it is leaking out. This just complicates things because they want to take out 5cc fluid when they put in 5cc chemo but there isn't enough fluid to take out. We had a very good(probably the best and most experienced doc) who assessed the situation and will make a report about this for the next guy. They will try a different space on Monday, and I pray that it goes without incident and it is her last one. I am always praying for wisdom for me and the doctors. I pray for peace and rest for Karly. She is so courageous!

Kelsey was having a painful morning. Her port area is quite sore, her head just aches, as well as her body. They started the drug yesterday and all went well. The plan is for her to still come home on Saturday.

Pam took me out yesterday for shopping and eating out. She bought more Christmas decorations for Karly's room. It is looking like Christmas around hear. Probably more here than at home in Muncie. In the evening when we have the room dark, it is aglow with twinkles of brightness, happiness, and hope. Thank you Pam! Thank you Tim for letting me have her for now.

It is disappointing to not have Karly feel well enough to play games, or go shopping, or take a walk(today it is sunny and warm around 62) but isn't patience a virtue so we are being virtuous around here. I am learning to be still...this one is hard for me. Those who know me understand that one. Oh yeah, did I mention patience. Another hard one for me. I will tell you that the Lord indeed is having His way out here in Maryland. Praise Him! We are at a place where(physically and mentally) we are NOT in control. Praise be to Him that He is!

Thanks to His people for listening, caring, and praying for us!


  1. Much love to you all. Thanks for giving us ways to pray specifically. I promise, I won't pray that you learn more patience :) Prays are coming from around the world.

    love you,

  2. Thanks for passing on the site info. So glad to hear the updates and know how to pray.

    God is good and his love endures forever!