Sunday, December 6, 2009

Karly entered her Neutropenic stage on Saturday. This simply means that she cannot fight off infections. The volleyball girls, Lora, Sami, and Grace had to wash their hands frequently. No flowers, skinned fruit, or foods that have set out can be near her. Her counts have started on the rise today, so hopefully she will be out of this stage in the next few days. She is scheduled for another lumbar puncture with chemo on Monday, surgery on Tuesday to repair the lumbar leak, and surgery on Wednesday to put in the Ommaya Reservoir. Her first chemo in the Ommaya is on Thursday. Her next round of systemic chemo begins on Friday. I signed her up for the Fantasy Flight on Saturday so I pray that she will feel like getting out and is able to get out. This Fantasy Flight is: get on a shuttle from the Children's Inn, ride to Dulles Airport, board a plane, fly to the North Pole(don't know if we actually go up in the air or just drive around), get out at the North Pole, receive gifts from Santa and his elves, and fly home. It should be fun. I hope her cousin Deana can go with her. Karly had a lot of fun with her girlfriends and was sad to see them leave. My friend is still here so we won't be alone this week. Pam offers distractions in many ways, and if you know her you understand what I mean.

Pam took myself and Kelsey out Friday evening(Karly had her girlfriends) for dinner, pedicure, and manicure. It was the first time I had either. We laughed alot and loved being pampered.
Kelsey flew home yesterday. However, after she left the hospital we found out that her liver counts were way up. I won't know the outcome of this most likely until tomorrow. She is getting a blood panel today at BMH. Pray this is not a side effect of the new study drug. They haven't seen this as a side effect, but no one like Kelsey has ever taken it. We really want this drug to work.

My sister Angie's donor drive was a success yesterday. Many people attended, got swabbed, and worshipped with the bands she had arranged to play that day. Tracy said the worship was awesome!

My worry level goes up and down as news filters in, but I am feeling rather at peace through most of it. I am actually having fun watching God work through His people. Most of you know that my son Tyler was hit on 465 going home from the Muncie Donor Drive on Nov. 15(not badly hurt). At first we thought he was hit by an uninsured motorist, but found out 15 days later that the guy was covered, his insurance company took liability, and everything is working out. Tyler was praying this past Thursday night about how cool it would be for God to give him a car for his birthday(Dec.5). But then thought that wouldn't happen. Well, on Friday his professor called him into his office and gave him a car. WOW, the power of God is awesome. Also, the same week a girl he knows from Germany told her dad that all she wanted for Christmas was a swab kit. AND, the Wabash Senate donated over $1000 to Be The Match for a second donor drive on Wabash's Campus. AND, there was a packed crowd all day at Applebee's in Crawfordsville for a percentage to go to Be The Match. After all the bad days he had already had in the past month, God rained so many Blessings down in one week. This is the undeniable work of God. When all seems lost, or hope is failing, God's power becomes so evident. It is when we are most out of control and willing to let God work, that we see His work. His unfailing LOVE is abounding all around us. Mom


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated....always in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Koch Family:
    Thanks for the update! Your family at 180/UC continue to pray for you and are believing for God's best! Many Blessings! Jeff