Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 58

 Today we went on our own field trip to Great Falls, Maryland. It is only about 22 minutes from the house depending on traffic. We started with the intent to walk Billy Goat Trail B, because the reviews said Trail A was strenuous, rocky, slippery, etc. We ended up walking A because we went the wrong direction from our parking lot and found A first. Karly did great. She had to be very careful not to cut herself on the rocks and make sure her footings were secure, but it was awesome. We didn't get very far along Trail A because of her heart rate and stamina, but we enjoyed some neat sights of the Potomac River.

Can you find the little lizard in the next to last photo?
Can you see the green garter snake in the bottom photo?

On the map you can see Anglers which is the point at which we hiked the Billie Goat Trail A.
After we left the Billie Goat Trail, we decided we had enough energy left to go view the falls.
I'm so glad we did. It was beautiful!We drove up to Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center and hiked to the Great Falls Overlook. In the last photo, if you look very closely, you can see a brown snake coiled up getting ready to head into the water. I am quite glad we didn't come across any Copperhead along the trail. Supposedly they are common in the park. God's creation all day!

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  1. What a huge blessing to get to spend time outdoors in such a beautiful area after so much time inside with medical stuff!!