Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 54

Nice weekend! Sunday we walked to the Farmer's Market with the one of the house managers and another house guest. We purchased some yummy sweet corn which we ate tonight(awesomely good), nectarines, and a beefy red tomato for momma. We also ate lunch together, and I thoroughly enjoyed a gyro pita sandwich. It was a beautiful day.

Monday was clinic day. All labs pretty much stayed the same. While we would love to see these numbers come down, we were very thankful they didn't rise. Doctors were pleased also, so we are going to try the normal Mon & Thurs schedule this week. The word "home" was also mentioned for the first time. There is a reason they keep people for 100 days, but so far, everything is going well. If this continues, we might be coming home within the month. We don't get our hopes up, but remain quite contented with where we are and what we are doing....one day at a time.

We were excited to attend a special event at the Inn yesterday. It was to show appreciation for the donor's who made it possible to renovate two of the kitchen areas. There were some famous chefs from the DC area. We tasted several samples and then scurried off to the hospital for the movie trip. We are so glad to be able to stay busy and do normal things.

Today was a "stay at home" day. I made Karly some cinnamon rolls from a gluten-free mix. They were more like sticky buns. I think I will make them from scratch in the future. The smell gave way to my decision to make Zach and I some also. Now, those turned out tasty.

 After the rolls were finished, we walked to a nearby park to play tennis. Now that was fun. I would like to do that more often. We saw the strangest thing...a squirrel drinking from a dog dish placed at that fountain. The squirrel was so cute nibbling on his nut that we had to take a photo.

After tennis, we had a 3-hr knitting lesson. I learned two stiches:   stockinette and purl. Karly even learned the ribbing which she will teach me later. I took the shuttle over to the Inn for the massage man. When nobody else is waiting, he works with my super out of whack neck, head, shoulders and even my legs so he tells me. He gives me pointers and exercises that help keep me out of my severe headaches. By the time I got back to the house, Karly and Zach had left on the Circulator to get a few groceries.

One more thing. The doctor told me that we all have to get flu shots. Tracy is the only one in our family that has ever had one. We just never get the flu. Anyway, we cannot take any chances and must have the flu shot. The doctor is not flexing on this one. That holds true with anyone who expects to spend any amount of time with her....close friends, family, grandparents, and if they don't she cannot go hang out with you without wearing a mask and gloves. She will have to probably do that in certain scenarios. I don't know all the restrictions. Currently if she is in a crowded area, then she has to wear a mask..like on a bus, or in a movie theater or restaurant when not eating. I will be getting mine before I leave here. Another thing to know is that if you choose to take the flu mist, then she cannot be around you for about 3-4 weeks. Take that into consideration when choosing what you will do. She is just a baby when it come to her immune system and must be careful. Thanks for understanding.

As always, thankful for you, your prayers, your help, your encouragement and all that sustains us in these times.

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