Saturday, April 24, 2010

Since we've been home...

We've accomplished everything we had hoped. We celebrated Kassidy's 9th birthday family style with pin the tale on the donkey and other games. Then we ventured out to cosmic bowl. Karly was able to attend Disciple Now which is a weekend away with peers and leaders. This weekend she was able to attend her first prom. She looked beautiful, and Zach was quite handsome. Trent went also and says it was F-U-N! Karly, Kelsey, and I prepare today to leave for 3 days. The last time Karly and I left for three days we were gone for 5 months. I am having a hard time packing for 3 days. Kassidy is having a hard time preparing to say goodbye. It will take a while to put this in perspective. I totally trust that whatever will be will be, but it doesn't help me pack only 3 days worth of clothes. Kassidy was supposed to spend Saturday night with a friend, but last night she couldn't get to sleep. She had this uneasy feeling. She didn't want to say goodbye today, but wanted to see me off in the morning. It was easy to change that plan and put her at peace. I thought it was an interesting lesson for her to learn a little about peace and how we get there. Pray for a safe, without a hitch, and peaceful trip.


  1. Karly is beautiful!
    Your posts are so encouraging and I enjoy reading about your family times together.