Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quick Update

The Donor Drive at BSU went very well. We ran out of health forms just before the end. What a great problem to have. We still have health forms and swabs at Dr. Tom Rector's located at 1003 W. McGalliard, Muncie, IN 47303. Please come by if you still want to swab. Karly went to Disciple Now over the weekend. She did well and reconnected with her youth group. Her doctors were pleased with her first blood draw results. Tyler came home this weekend. It is always so awesome to have the whole family together. The sermon today can be found at
The series is based on, "There is power in the story." I think that everyone can relate on some level to these stories. I particularly have been asking people why some deal with crisis better than others. I think the message today explained it very well. Paraphrased by me, but go to sermon: Antecedent:the stuff that takes place in your life before
C:the consequence no matter good or bad
The "B" is what we have been living:BELIEF and HOPE in JESUS.
The "B" makes living the after with the peace the passes all understanding.
I hope that our light is shining before men and that God will use our story to touch the lives of others and bring glory to Himself.