Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Donor Drive

When my dad died in December, mom had all memorial funds directed to Be The Match. She has used these funds to help others join the registry. She first went to Lafayette to help a friend run a drive. She prompted the Religious Studies at Ball State University to run a drive on Friday, April 16, 9-4:00 in the Atrium located in the Arts and Journalism Building. Kelsey, Karly, and I plan on attending in the afternoon. We talked with our transplant doctor just before coming home. His dream, but our hope is to find that one excellent donor for both girls.

Karly is experiencing a greater allergic reaction to foods she would normally eat. This is unexpected. It just makes her more like Kelsey. Kelsey has always been much more sensitive and thus restrictive with foods. Karly has been able to tolerate these foods a little, but not now. I am really having to be a lot more careful with ingredients than ever before. I think this has something to do with her immunities being low, first from Chemo and also from the Dock 8. They gave her a double dose of IVIG before we came home hoping it would last 4 weeks when we return. I'm sure it will be evaluated upon our return.

We are having an awesome time just being together!


  1. We're praying for the perfect matches to show up!

    Thank you for sharing real requests with us so we can all pray specifically.

  2. Hi, I recently heard about your donor drive and wanted to touch base with you. We live in Lafayette and have a son who underwent a bone marrow transplant for another rare immune deficiency almost 3 years ago. Thankfully he is cured and doing well (and about to turn 16!). I would love to be notified, if possible, for the next drive so that I can help spread the word. You can read more about our family at www.caringbridge.org/visit/smithkids

    Hugs and prayers...