Friday, April 2, 2010

For Real!

We are coming home for real on Saturday. It doesn't seem like we've been here for 5 months. People cared for us in so many ways and made it so much easier than it would have been without any of you. We made a final walk to the Clinical Center to meet with our docs and make plans for our return. We stopped by the 1NW pediatric floor to say thanks and good-bye to some of our favorite nurses and friends still on the floor. We made reservations at the Inn for our return. We dispersed our food to another family we met. We did laundry, packed, and finally feel ready to leave tomorrow. After a conversation with a dear friend of mine last night, she shared something she learned as an oversees missionary. She said that people will ask how you are or what you learned, but will tune out after a certain point. She said to pick 3 words that bullet point the highlights. Karly and I thought about it today. I would say my words are grateful, peaceful, and closer to God. I wanted to say emotional but the emotions come from the way people loved us, and I am so grateful(thankful) that I become overwhelmed with emotions. It is much easier to write about than talk about. I've had a peace throughout this period that only God can give. It comes from living each day listening to Him and this had created a closer relationship with Him. Karly's three words are loved, patience, and thankfulness. We have a lot to look forward to just this month including celebrating Easter with our family and friends, Kassidy's 9th birthday, Discipleship Now, and the Prom. May You All Have a Blessed Easter!

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