Monday, June 6, 2011


Very much relieved right now. We flew in early for this visit to re-check her spinal fluid pressure and re-run the tests on the spinal fluid. Most all the tests are in as negative today. Ruling out the bad things is a good feeling. We have tried a couple different additional antibiotics without any good changes only bad side effects, so this is not working. We are adding some additional antihistamines and a different nasal spray in the hopes that it starts clearing her head, she gets more rest, and the itching will subside. She is so tired of feeling bad. With the good news today, maybe she can start anew in her mind. I am so grateful that they are watching her so closely. A few more appointments tomorrow, then flight home in the evening. I work on Wednesday then off to the dental convention in French Lick until Saturday. This is a long haul for the family, but this is nothing compared to what they have gone through. I'm behind on my continuing education credits, so this will help me catch up. Plus getting to catch up with some of the girls is so fun and much needed.

Sister Debbie and Deana picked us up from the Inn last Friday. We went to Lancaster, PA for the weekend. It was a belated birthday present for Karly and Deana. Debbie spoiled me with a massage and pedicure. The girls had massages and manicures. On Saturday night, she took us to a showing of "Joseph" at the Sight and Sound Theater. It was fabulous. Amazing singers, set, and even had live animals. It was an awesome weekend away.

Karly felt yucky this morning...a combination of extreme itchiness, stomach cramps, tiredness, and headache. It weighs heavily at times then the dam breaks as it did this morning. She is so loved here, and they took care of her. She is better this evening and looking forward to coming home.

My struggles are the same. My only comfort is in the knowledge that my deepest longings will only be fulfilled in the Lord. I have to renew this thinking all day long. I covet your prayers for us all. Thanks!


  1. Thank you for the updates!
    You inspire us to pray, love, live!

  2. A close friend of mine has two children that you were recently diagnosed with dock 8 disease. Because this is such a rare and new diagnosis, she has found little to no support. Is there anyway that she could personally get in touch with you? It would be so helpful and encouraging to talk to another mother who is battling this disease. I'm sure just being able to to correspond with you by email would be a huge blessing. My name is Angie and my email is If you would like to email me, I can put you in touch with her. We are located in Alabama. Thank you so much!