Monday, June 27, 2011


It has been 3 weeks. The time has been flying by for me. I kept meaning to update you, then something else would crop up. Karly's medical situation hasn't changed much. She still has the headaches every day, extreme tiredness, and now her face has been swelling. We will be here a week for IV fungal treatment. If this isn't working with the sinus and face swelling, they may add an IV antibiotic. Just being flexible yet again. She gets another set of cancer scans on Wednesday. She just wants to feel better. She goes in spells where she can handle it, then she breaks down. It is an emotional roller coaster.

The team had a meeting to discuss post issues about Kelsey. I hear that is was not a satisfactory meeting in regards to results and answers. I will meet with the doctor later this week. Pray that I will be wise with my questions. I have a feeling that this may cause me grief, but may the Lord grant me peace and resolve. I am stuck in this "fix it" stage. It seems to be less often in my thoughts, so I may be moving out of this stage.

I received a phone call from my sister, Debbie, this morning. Her son, Reid, 13 yrs. old and one of the triplets, passed away during the night. Debbie, Ridge, all the kids(not Reid), and all of my other family are in Yellowstone National Park for a weeklong vacation when this call came this morning. It was a shock. He was a happy camper yesterday showing no distress. The only consolation is that he, too, no longer has to deal with his earthly body being homebound in pain. Now he is dancing out of his rain.

Since I will be here all week, I hope to update you on more cool happenings! Praise be to God as we continue with His guidance!

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  1. So sorry for yet another loss in your family. However, what a beautiful way to transition to heaven.