Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just an update on Karly. She has been experiencing some extreme tiredness and headaches for over 2 months. At first, we didn't think much of it. She always has sinusitis, so she was put on an extra antibiotic and increased the one she is always on to an adult dose. Both symptoms have persisted regardless of these changes. I don't know how to exactly described how we were feeling about this, but let's just say that after 2 months, my mind wouldn't stay away from thinking "cancer". We spoke about it briefly out loud to one another. I reassured her that if the symptoms got worse, we knew exactly what we would do. Fortunately the symptoms have not worsened. They have remained constant. After our visit to NIH 3 weeks ago, they planned on tapping her Ommaya and getting a brain MRI at this visit. The results of both of these things have given us great relief. First, the fluid was clear and has revealed no lymphoma. The brain MRI looks negative for lymphoma. Plus, her symptoms were not getting worse. Her blood work looks good. These are all things we are rejoicing about! It was very hard to keep our minds from thinking "cancer", but even in the midst of this, I kept telling myself to not worry, not go beyond this day, it isn't anything until it is something. I kept my eyes on Jesus. It is just another reminder that she is His, and He has a plan for her. She does have some unusual findings...the pressure in her Ommaya is elevated, she has some trace swelling of her optic nerves, she really is so tired, and her headaches continue. Neurology has seen her and has given them some additional causes to pursue, & she is positive for a virus which is unknown to most people. These things could have explanations, but at this point everyone is being careful. I so appreciate their diligence and thoughtfulness in caring for her. It has been a very busy two days. We are leaving a day late, but we are leaving. Yeah!

I was reminded again yesterday to hold my plans tentatively and to concentrate on my task at hand. When we are at NIH, Karly is my task. I have to thank everyone who was obedient to the Holy Spirit. Today was a difficult day for her(and me). She was a trooper. AND I stand amazed every time God directs His people to pray. WOW! What an awesome God we have!


  1. I meant to leave a comment for Tyler's post to assure him that people are indeed "still reading"...just not doing very well with letting you know that!

    I am always grateful to be able to read about how things are going as well as hear how the Lord is working in the midst of it all.

    I know that our amazing God will work ALL THESE THINGS together for good because you are truly a family that loves Him and have been called according to His purpose. Your faith and dependance on Him continues to be a beautiful testimony to the world around you.

    Praying without ceasing,
    Paul, Susan & girls

  2. We three continue our prayers for the whole Koch family!