Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rough Day

She listened to worship music this morning. The first half of the day was going well, then the last half has been rough. She has thrown up, been in a lot of pain, and not eaten most of the day. They ended up dosing her with Atavan which makes her sleep, so this is not a bad thing when you don't feel good. The good news is that Day 3 is almost over. 2 more days of chemo. The pain in her neck from the line is not getting worse, but it is not going away either. Pray for complete healing in the area. When she heaves, it really hurts her neck. She is truly hanging in there. Hair loss is beginning, but not much loss yet.

Konner and Karly had individual and team volleyball photos on Friday night. I have them now so that will perk her up. Also, Konner went to her youth group's event tonight called "Glow". It was going to be lit with blacklights. She dressed up as Bo Peep with two of her friends as her sheep. Tracy sent some photos of her as Bo Peep so that will make Kelsey laugh when she wakes up. One of the items I got for her yesterday proved to be helpful. The blinds on her window allowed much light through, so it never felt like night to her. I bought a dark brown panel and tucked it under the blinds. Now it feels dark and helps her sleep at night. She has great support from you all. She really appreciates your comments on Facebook. It encourages her to know you are praying and thinking about her.


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  1. I want you to know we are praying for Kelsey and your whole family. I work at Wabash College and have followed your blog since the beginning. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I've never met Tyler but hope to someday. My son is a freshman here at Wabash and I have asked him to be on the look out for him so I can meet him. I feel like he is family and I don't even know him! LOL Please know that prayers go up all the time for you and your family.
    She Wren (I work in the Wabash Center building)