Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the green light...

The Spanish cord has been shipped. They are expecting it this afternoon. Kelsey's line went in this morning. They didn't put the triple-lumen in because of the sulfur associated with it. She is allergic to eggs and sulfa drugs, but it is a double. Also, she has her PowerPort. Everything went well. The staff and doctors here were likened to the verizon commercial with the lone guy with his entourage behind him. Kelsey has great support with the people here. They really care about what is happening and all the minds will work and are working to keep her safe. Tomorrow should be a day of rest for her. She is very excited to start the chemo on Friday. My sister, Angie, said on Facebook, "Are you suppose to be excited to start chemo?" Exactly, probably not, but she is, so we are for her. It will mean a new life for her..hopefully one without the pain and suffering she has endured to this point. She is ready to lose her hair, vomit, and moan through it. She is ready! We are ready! God has gotten us all ready! What good news this is! Everyone hear is excited, and say she is a celebrity. I think she is considered an Ambassador for Dock 8. She is willing to talk with anyone who will benefit from her knowledge of this disease. She is AWESOME! She is COURAGEOUS! She is HOPEFUL! Since chemo starts on Friday, please pray however you feel led.

Karly and Grandma were here Saturday through Tuesday. We had fun at my sister's. We had much needed good food. Ridge is an excellent cook. Weather was perfect. Grilled out. Karly and Hannah took the golf cart out for a drive. Kelsey and I went to the mall where she received some needed items. It wore her out. We went to see Deana as Anne Frank one more time in her last performance on Sunday. It was superb. My uncle Arthur attended, so this was an added surprise. Debbie's rescue from the hospital was so appreciated. She had a late night getting herself home, but we were so thankful to be with her and her family all weekend.

Grandma's flight had been a source of worry, but thankfully her flight attendant helped her out. Anyway, the flight attendant gave her two cups, one for each ear, with warms towels in each cup to hold over each ear on the descent. This totally eliminated any problems associated with the pressure she would've experienced. Now, we had to tease her. We told her to check YouTube that night. The sight of that must have been hilarious to onlookers. Karly took a picture. It was quite a funny experience. Grandma's flight home went well also...some turbulence from the storms in the area, but no problems. It was a blessing that all went well. Grandma will now fly in the future.

I'm going to the Inn tonight to watch the kids in costumes get judged. The staff have on some really awesome costumes also...they get judged too. There will be a dinner served. I'll confiscate whatever candy she can eat, and let her feast later.

Love you all,

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