Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 6 & Day 5

So Friday was Day 6. She took in the hydration 12 hours before the Cytoxan, was heavily dosed with anti-nausea, atavan, benadryl, steroid, fludarabine(another chemo drug), and more hydration. Fortunately she slept through a bunch of the day. Day 5 was today with more fludarabine and anti-nausea. She has maintained eating throughout, no vomiting and is really doing well. She is sore where her line went in and probably from lying in bed so the pain meds are helping with that. Tomorrow, day 4, will be like today. Tomorrow could potentially be a problem with the delayed reaction to it all, so continue praying for no nausea or complications. I went to the grocery store and mall to get her a few items she was requesting so receiving gifts is always mood-lifting. As I was bringing in the Bang Bang Chicken I bought her from the fast food Thai in the mall, some of the nurses were asking how she was doing. I said, "Well, she can't be doing too bad because she asked for Bang Bang Chicken." Everyone has been so nice. Kelsey is a great patient. Kelsey was asked to give her last research blood as a before transplant Dock 8 patient last Thursday which meant I give also. When I was called back, I had my favorite phlebotomist. She used to take the girls blood a lot in their younger years. She is so good. Anyway, she was very encouraging and hopeful. She said she'd be praying for us, especially mom, and that she'd be by to visit in a couple of weeks when Kelsey starts to engraph. This is the type of people we encounter every day. Isn't that just God to send people into our lives even 500 miles from home? We have had many successful days by definition meaning staying in touch with our Heavenly Father. The best way for us to remain satisfied and fulfilled is to live each day without thinking about the what ifs of tomorrow. Thank you all you prayer warriors! Prayers are being felt!

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