Sunday, July 4, 2010

Greetings from the Koch Family

Kelsey, Karly, and I were at NIH from Monday night, July 21 to Thursday, July 24. The girls were refueled on Tuesday with IVIG. Wednesday and Thursday were Ophthalmology, ENT, PT, OT, and Dermatology Grand Rounds. Basically, Karly is doing very well. She could use glasses for driving, but she's not driving yet although she got her permit. The doctor believes the double vision will not resolve, but said that she compensates well. She gained 4 pounds. Her physical therapist thinks she is on the right path. Her balance will continue to improve as she tries to do her normal activities...volleyball and ballet. Her hearing in her right ear will be investigated on July 14. If it is just fluid, she is scheduled for surgery to put tubes in on Thursday after an MRI. We flew home on Thursday. We went to Konner and Kassidy's ballet recital Friday night. Tracy and I drove to Purdue on Saturday to pick up Trent from this week at the Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy. We attended the breakfast. We were surprised when Trent and team won first place. Tyler was able to fix his Explorer so drove home to go with us to Maryland for our second respite week at Ocean City, MD. We will visit my sister and her family for a week before our family reunion at Solomon's Island, MD. On July 8th, Karly gets her CT scans while celebrating the 3 month period of no cancer. Kelsey proves to be no better, and in fact, has another infection in her lungs. She is starting another antibiotic to get the resolved. Our doctor is so good. She actually called us while we were on the road to Ocean City to find out where to mail the med. We have thoroughly enjoyed our week at The House By The Sea. We had an awesome time, ate amazing food, and made great memories. Another highlight we are looking forward to is the Augustin Family Reunion. This will be an awesome time of catching up with each other, and celebrating our lives and the legacy of the Augustin Family. The girls return to NIH to get more IVIG on July 13 while Konner and Kassidy participate in Sibling Day at NIH. After all that, Tracy and crew will return home while Kelsey, Karly, and I stay until Friday. I hope you kept up with all of that. Who would think that day after day so many things keep happening. We are loved. We are Blessed. We are amazed. We are enjoying each day itself. May you find these things in your lives.


  1. Please tell Karly that I am still thinking of her, and looking forward to seeing her on campus again!
    I am so impressed with the strength and courage of your family.


    Dr. Michael Tagler
    Department of Psychological Science
    Ball State University