Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going well!

We have put Ocean City, the fun week with my sister and family, and the Augustin Family reunion behind us. We are working on the refueling today. Karly finally hit a wall yesterday. She opted out of the activities to nap and rest. I'm glad that she can know her body and make that mature decision. She has been coughing up more junk than usual. Her doctor will check it out this week. She is up to 111 pounds. What young girl wants her weight announced to the world, so at some point, I will have to be more vague. She gets so many complements about how cute her hair is. She is so able to pull it off. I hope that all the stages her hair goes through will be equally as cute. Kelsey has had a bad couple of weeks. With the antibiotic finally working, we hope to see her with more energy. Yet with this particular antibiotic, she gets a great deal of body pain so now she has to cope with that. Trent has only slept in his bed 1 night in the last 4 weeks. I think everyone is looking forward to their own beds. Vacation is awesome, but it is always awesome to be home together. The family had tubes of blood drawn today(not Tyler because he is already back at school working). We are hoping to find out if any of the other children are carriers of this Dock 8 disease. If they are, it will lead to more studies. We watched Kelsey's T cells in action today on the computer. We enjoy seeing and hearing about the progress the laboratory doctors are making. Konner and Kassidy are half way through the Sibling Day at NIH. This morning the girls visited the NIH Laboratory of Medicine and Mock MRI scanner. This afternoon they participate in art and recreational therapy. I hope the day's activities takes Kassidy's mind off her blood draw this morning. She REALLY doesn't like it, but did well. I hope that she is not a carrier, because did I mention, she REALLY doesn't like it. We have one last day this week together as a family, with all of my siblings and their families, and my mom. I think the plan is for a huge Apples to Apples game. As we live each day, it is a day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice in it!