Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 98

Praise His Holy Name! Day 98 and we are at the airport. Everything except Creatinine is good. She did have to start an additional antibiotic, because all her sinuses are growing gram neg bacteria. That's okay...hopefully the sensitivities come back susceptible then we continue on what she's started. Probably going to have ultrasound of kidneys sooner than scheduled. She is almost at her all time high like back in ICU in March. I didn't realize how high it had gotten back then. Good news is blood pressure has been pretty good and the ECHO showed improvement. We are thrilled. Please pray that her kidneys will be okay and whatever it is will be reversible. Finally can feel excited about coming home because we are boarding soon and the doors will shut and they cannot call us back. Whew! Looking forward to seeing family and friends...just tear up thinking about it. To God Be The Glory!


  1. We are celebrating with you and for you!!! Praise God. As always, to Him alone be the Glory!

    Praying for continued wisdom and health.