Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 74

Labs are a little out of whack today, but love that the BP is normal. Her CR hit another new high today. Her sodium and phosphorus are high. We will have to hold the lasix this week to see what the CR will do. Pray her BP doesn't rise as a result. We hope to get some answers later this week after the MRA of the Brain and Renal Arteries are performed. She had a couple weird blister-like lesions on her hands this weekend. The first one was resolving, then another one cropped up on a different hand. Don't know what or why, but probably related to molluscum. At least, it is easy to blame it on that. It doesn't bother us. We just look forward to what another day will bring.

I loved the Jesus Calling devotional today. "Be willing to follow wherever Christ leads."  "You must walk by FAITH, not sight." Are you? I pray that you will walk where He leads and live keenly aware of His presence.


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