Friday, September 30, 2011


Time is flying by. Time is so precious. Where does it go? Why does it go by so quickly? What ultimately is our goal for the time we have on earth? I think we know what our purpose is, but what about "the time"? I was challenged a few weeks ago about how we look at healing. One of the thoughts that stayed with me was how easily we will spend 3-4 hours watching a football game, but how hard it is for us to spend 3-4 hours praying for healing. I have begun "My Healing Devotional" by Dr. Terry Teykl with great expectations on how to use my time in prayer more wisely.
"My Healing Devotional: 40 Days to Pray for Wholeness"
by Terry Teykl

It has always been my conviction that we could do a better job praying for the sick. That's why I'm so excited about our new resource, My Healing Devotional. It is a meaningful gift for someone battling illness, and is a great tool for personal prayer ministry. It could even be used to help teach people how to more effectively pray for the sick.

In Luke 5, some men lowered their friend down through the roof of a house where Jesus was teaching. They knew that one touch from Jesus would make him well, so they were willing to take the risk and "hold the rope."

Will you be Karly's rope holder? To learn more about this way of praying, ask the Holy Spirit what that means for you.

Update on her health: We have been struggling through the last months with little success of getting her to feel better. The last three weeks have been hard, both physically and mentally. For me, watching her get sicker just brings back Kelsey's struggles in her life of sickness, trying to be normal by doing school and working and having a social life. The drug to make her better, made her sick....she went neutropenic and anemic. She had very little energy, trouble breathing, and her headaches got worse. The drug to keep the skin viruses under control probably contributed to this demise, so she cannot use it for now. Her counts have recovered, and hopefully the anemia also. She was given an IV dose of Iron on Tuesday. She left the doctors all her sputum, sinus gunk, blood, urine, and cultures. The phone call came yesterday that she is growing a lot of nasty gram negative pneumonia bacteria pretty much everywhere. This is good news in a sense because now we know what drug works on this and can hit it hard. It is administered through her line 3X/day, but won't be as bad as the last one. The major prayer request now is that she won't react to it and can complete this therapy and that she will feel more headaches, breathing trouble, gunky lungs and sinuses, and all bacteria will be eradicated. Okay, here we go! If she can finally feel better, there is hope that she may get to use the drug to combat the viruses. We will not get ahead of ourselves, but live one day at a time.

It was "interesting" that on the day we flew back to NIH where Kelsey's death is so real, I read in my devotional these words: "Giant steps are another matter altogether: leaping across chasms of semidarkness, scaling cliffs of uncertainty, trudging through the valley of the shadow of death. These feats require sheer concentration, as well as utter commitment to Me." This says what I deal with on a constant basis. I have to continually ask God to intervene in my thoughts and dreams, to give me hope when frustration is taking hold, to find laughter when things are heavy. The very weekend when we were battling heavy sickness with Karly, we had the joy of the boys coming home and her 80's party with friends. God is good all the time. This puts you up to speed on the happenings around home. Thank you for those who will become "rope holders". I like that term.



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  1. Good morning Koch family,
    My name is Emily and I came across your blog as I was researching DOCK8 mutation. I am so inspired by your family's incredible faith and willingness to share your journey with others. My 9 year-old nephew, Cameron, has been sick since birth and was diagnosed with DOCK8 syndrome on Monday. We met with the clinical team at Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Wednesday to learn of our options and what we can "expect".
    As we continue our journey we would deeply appreciate any information you have found to be helpful. I can be contacted at
    We are praying for you.