Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was typing in the number of days today and was really amazed and mortified at the number of days Kelsey has been gone from us. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like that long. We reminisce so often and reflect everyday about her...maybe that is what makes her feel close to us. I still can see her at home in her room, the family room, and especially the kitchen. She loved eating and watching movies. Our trip to Alaska was our first family vacation without her, but she would have loved that trip when she was well. She was so adventurous. She would have climbed the mountains and glaciers and loved the food. Then there was the all too funny videos the boys put together. Her outrageous laugh would have permeated the camera. That is the way we want to remember her. I still have so many visual mind pictures of her sick in the hospital. Those pictures make me feel so helpless and sad, but I wouldn't have ever given up that time with her. I think what makes it harder for me than everyone else is all those painful memories of watching her suffer. The Lord knows what we all need, so trust is where it is at.

Karly started feeling a little better by Sunday, so she was able to finish an English Comp paper and the last of her Chemistry problems. Sara came Sunday last afternoon with games. Debbie and Deana came later in the evening. Deb and I left Sara and the girls to play games and get crazy which is what usually happens when Deana and Karly are together. We came back bearing ribs and chip. The next day went well also. Karly's nurse was able to get the all the meds finished by noon, so she could go out on pass. That was when we saw the movie "The Help", a fantastic movie. We squeezed dinner in also, then got back to the hospital to hook her up to Huebert. She has been so busy with Skyping her classes and doing homework, keeping her appointments and talking with the doctors and nurses. She is also working on some artwork to be displayed in the Booz Allen offices. Booz Allen is a big contributor to the Children's Inn. The artwork is a way to say thank you. Home health is being set up at this end to be ready to start at home Saturday evening when we fly home.

Alaska was very amazing. The beauty of the mountains, the animals in the wild, the blueness of the glacier water, the expanse of the wilderness were to be awed. We were blessed with friends who shared this time with us. All our experiences were amplified by the hospitality we found from Carmel's relatives and friends. Tyler and Trent made us laugh from there exploits with their pictures and videos. Highlights included our hike to the top of Reindeer Mountain, charter fishing for halibut, Kenai National Fjords seeing whales, otters, sea lions, bald eagles, a bear, and many large glaciers, the pipeline, riverboat tour, the shuttle back to Wonder Lake(11 hrs) in Denali National Park, fish hatchery in Valdez, watching bear feed on caribou and fish, hiking on Worthington Glacier, and eating the halibut the boys caught. Two weeks went very quickly, then back to the real world. Alaska is in the United States????Those who have been there know what I mean.

Tonight, Sara is returning with a home-cooked meal. We are so blessed! It really breaks up Karly's mundane meal order which is the same everyday, twice a day because of her allergies. I'm sure I will be cooking some specific requests when I get home. All those cravings multiply when you can't have them. Thanks for praying. I finally felt like I slept last night. With our crazy school schedule this year, it looks like I better get used to less sleeping hours. Prayer request: Karly has been getting many driving hours, but she is not very confident yet. Pray for confidence and opportunities that show her that she is ready to take the driving test. Also, that the meds will completely wipe out the bacteria and fungus, her energy will return, her head will be clearer, and the headaches will be gone. Pray that the new weekly injection will not make her sick or depressed and that it works against her progressive symptoms all in the name of Jesus!

Thanks for praying! Thanks for taking care of us!


  1. The Wrights are continuing our prayers X 3X 3

    Our best!

  2. I will surely be praying....The power of prayer is an amazing thing and it sure works!!!

  3. Continue to pray daily for Karly and you. You are not forgotten. Hang in there, friend.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that the wagar residence is still praying for you and the family. 228 days, and everything seems to just slow down. people go on with their lives. this is normal however i know how important it is to hear from friends. god bless you all

    Nancy Jean Wagar