Friday, June 11, 2010

Week of June 6-12

The bathroom project is coming along. It is fully tiled now. Grouting tonight or sometime this weekend with the toilet going in this weekend also. Karly walked in today and said, "I'm getting excited about the bathroom." I'm glad she thinks so because it was for her to begin with. I can live with mold; she cannot. Still so many things to do, yet if I don't do them, all will survive. I was thinking yesterday about the kids schooling in the fall. Much of it is coming together thanks to the many who have stood by us, supported us, and will continue to stand by us. It makes me feel loved. I hope to accomplish the other "stuff" to be helpful to Tracy. You know, find the "stuff" that is somewhere in the black hole: the places I can't describe, but can just go to. Still in all of that I am reminded daily to not make my lists, and don't look into the future, and don't imagine what is next. I must keep looking to Him for my strength and in Him my hope is lists to. We pray every night to only accomplish what He wants me to the next day. It seems a bit crazy that we do this, but it does work. We eat, we sleep, we do this and that, and at the end of the day we're done. We are at peace. Oh, did I tell you, Karly has stopped wearing her wig. She has this cute, fuzzy, soft layer of hair. I think she could be one of those thin, tall, New York models. Her physical therapy is going well. Her hearing is very noticeably worse in her right ear. Please keep praying for restoration of her hearing. Her fingernails are growing the chemo rings out. She went shopping for a few new shorts and tops for the summer to fit her now twiggy figure. What was supposed to be a quick trip turned into this shopping spree for all. Kelsey tells me that she will be throwing her multitude of t-shirts out and begin her now mature look with style. We'll see. We did have lots of laughs, but poor Trent had to grow some patience as we kept walking out to model for him. He really didn't care. Hey, he got some new tennis shoes. Tyler's 5-year old pair that he had been wearing had finally met its end. Counting down to our next trip on June 21. Pray for flight, room at Inn, doctors wisdom, health, healing, and safety to all.