Friday, June 4, 2010

Our flight was just late enough that we were able to attend church the morning of May 23rd. We quickly ate some rotisserie chicken which caused swelling with Kelsey and Karly, then off to the airport. As usual, it was a long day but no delays, and we arrived safely. We stayed at the Inn without any problems. On Monday the girls had their normal treatments. Karly was surprised by the singing of her nurses, a birthday balloon, and a cake(she couldn't eat). It was the thought that counted. We blessed our team with the cake. I hope they enjoyed it. Karly's counts are still recovering. She still hasn't gained any weight. She hasn't lost any either, so that is good news. She continues with Physical Therapy which is going well. One thing we need prayer for is her hearing. They tested it in April, and it was low in her right ear. She had been noticing it. As the next month progressed, she noticed a decrease in her hearing even more. She was tested again, and sure enough it was further decreased. She will be seeing an ENT and Opthamologist at her next visit. Kelsey continues to get worse. She is losing her nail beds to the virus. She had a sore biopsied in her nose in March and has been treating it since then to prevent it from creating a hole in her septum. The sore is relatively gone, but there is a hole clear through her septum. Trying to repair it is of no use right now, because it would not stay repaired. The good news is that her team of doctors are watching her closely. If anything new crops up, they are on it. Kelsey was able to meet with Physical and Occupational Therapy. The OT had some gadgets which could help her with her typing and writing. Like anything new, it is rather foreign and will take some getting used to. They will continue to meet with her to help her with daily tasks that require the use of her hands. We have not heard anything more about the protocol, but is in review and I'm confident that God's timing will prevail. We are still thinking July 5 would be a great day to start the process. Please join us in praying for God's timing, not ours. My time home is flying by and the things that needed to get done are still works in progress. Tracy and I had an awesome time visiting dear friends over Memorial Day weekend. We loved just spending time with each other. My mom, Karly, Konner, and Kassidy went to Lafayette to see cousins and ultimately put my dad's ashes in their resting spot in Morocco, IN. The girls were able to share more memories about their grandpa and were very glad they went. Trent and Kelsey went to the Homeschool Graduation and then open houses all weekend. Sounds like the Koch family was represented well that weekend. I shared about the bathroom last time and about how yucky it was. It was one of those things that just had to be done, no matter the cost. What was interesting was that I had felt like it needed to be gutted, but didn't really know how bad the situation was. Tracy called me from work and shared that same feeling. At that point of agreement, it was a GO! Then, the next day a check came in the mail to cover those expenses. Well, to cover us. With me not working much this 2010 year, the money will be tight, but has not become a source of worry or anxiety. The peace that passes all understanding is still at hand. We give God all the glory for that one.

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