Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wow, so I have not blogged in here for a while. Sorry about that. I am just not good at writing, nor do I really enjoy it.
There are many reasons to why I have not updated in a while. But anywho you shall get the gist of it as I go.
A little over two weeks ago during my 1 or 2 days of Fall break (while my mother was still in Kazakhstan on a missions trip) and also while I was @ NIH(Maryland) for that break, my grandfather (my mothers father) was taken to the doctor by my grandma. The doctor took one look at his stats and said take him to the hospital now. So, they went to the hospital. My family about lost my grandfather that night, and the next night was close as well. Luckily, with many people praying he pulled through... However, he is on hospice now :(
Part of the stress was the fact that for many of those days mom and I were not even in state; another was that both Karly and Trent were sick (pukey, fluish sick), therefore could not visit grandpa; nor could anyone from our household for fear of giving him something. We were all powerless and helpless.
God was there... or I wouldnt be writing this.
Next in line... My sister!
We have chronic pain... SOME of this is from our sinusitis (chronic sinus infection basically), and frequent ear infections(otitis media)... all this causes frequent headaches. Common colds-PSH...whatever wimps. We have very high pain tolerance... but Karly just this past week started experiencing some major headpain, and to make things mysterious, double vision. We called our NIH doc after she couldnt shake it after 2 days... on the third day our doc told us to take her to the ER.
Normally, for any person this is a good idea. However, everytime Karly and I hit up the ER we get into more complications and pain in the you-know-what, and no answers. Doctors trained in ER techniques do not have the way of thinking nor the history they need to treat patients like Karly or myself. We are just too rarified. Underestimations are the understatement... even when they try and act smart and nod like they know what we are telling them.
Her visit was ridiculous and made me quite furious, after my mom told me everything that happened late that night. I will not go into it, or I will get all hyped up again... but it was unacceptable... as predicted... which is why I refuse to go to them now!
They went to the ER in the evening, got back from it in the wee hours of the morning... I spoke to my exhausted mom on the phone a little after lunch the next day while she was driving on the way to the airport. Guess what? My doctors, after talking with the ER resident doc, didn't like it either!!! HA! So, my doc had Karly and mom on a plane to NIH (Maryland) ASAP. When they arrived and were signed in, Karly was immediately given the MRI (she should have had!) with contrast. As of right now, they see nothing out of the ordinary, for Karly, on the scan. She had plenty of blood taken, saw a neurologist and optometrist, and had a LP (lumbar puncture). She had good spinal fluid from what we know so far, and her eye pressure was good, preliminary blood results dont show anything weird yet. As of right now, we dont know whats up. We can only pray.

During all this the stress has been beating me down. My health is precarious and sucks already... this week I have not managed my class load, and have been in bed way to stinkin much. But all I can tell myself is that I have to... if I want to keep going. God is certainly sustaining my family. And we are breathing miracles every day.
Last week, one of my friends asked if I would go to his church and let some people lay hands on me in prayer. It was powerful. No instantaneous healing... but peace and encouragement needed. The healing will come. And that is what I want to say before I end this.
There is going to be healing... some say forget the doctors and look for instantaneous healing or healing in a little while over time... some say I am already healed and have not accepted it... whatever.
I am telling you... I PUT NO LIMITS ON GOD... he could have "healed" me years ago, he could "heal" me tomorrow... or he could be using this rarified situation, this almost experimental procedure for my case to give hope to the next few cases like my sister, and "heal" me in the process... OR he could chose to take me home and I would be "healed".. out of this gross earth suit to something much more fitting :)
I am in his hands and have given this to Him years ago. Karly is in His hands, my grandpa is in his hands, my triplet boy cousin is in His hands; this family is firm in the faith of Christ's blood and its healing power. And wherever He carries us, is where we want to be! :)


  1. commenting from karlys room at NIH.i brought her chinese, cake and a movie!! she had to watch the movie with one eye though :( shes got this eye patch and we've (mme, my mom and my aunt) been calling her a pirate all day. and chinese fortune cookies always say the right thing (especially in bed-love tammy) i hope the doctors can find what is wrong with karly, and i hope that everyone in the world comes to the donor drives!!! deana loves her cousins!!! im the #1 reason to come to maryland! and if you want to know the other 4 reasons...youll have to call me.


  2. ha that comment above is from me!


  3. I must say that I feel God has always put us in the right place to figure these two girls out. Our doctors at the NIH are so special, exceptionally caring, and we are filled with such peace in this place. Peace, I'm sure that God provides. Both Kelsey and Karly trust God with their lives. We have faith that He is in control. We have been blessed with so many friends and family during the really trying times. This is one of those times. Thank you! An update on Karly: We have seen many special doctors since we have been here, and we have no doubt that when we leave here we will have a care plan and back-up plan. They started 2 IV antibiotics last night. We are almost 24 hours in, and 1 of them is causing a rash. They have stopped them for now, and a new treatment will be formulated. They are giving her something for her head pain which is now working so she has some relief. She is wearing an eye patch so she can see only 1 of something. We were diverted today when my sister, Debbie, and niece, Deana, brought in Karly's favorite food...Chinese. We watched a fun movie and ate chocolate cake. Please keep praying about finding the perfect donor match for the girls. Kelsey's biopsy from two weeks ago came back identifying a third virus now attacking her system. They have tripled her medication, but she needs a match found soon. Pray for the girls to find laughter, because it is a good medicine. The doctor in the ER made a comment about "too much laughter in that room for someone to be sick." I was shocked by such a comment. We are always trying to find a good laugh to take our minds off of the disease and enjoy our time together. So even in the midst of this trial we WILL find joy, peace, comfort, and love abounding.
    Love, MOM

  4. I love you mom, Karly, cousin Deana and aunt Debbie!
    So right mom, laughter has been one of the best medicines... The Joy of the Lord is our Strength!

  5. Those in Christ who walk through the valley are blessed with a unique and priceless communion with Him and a faith that can withstand unimaginable suffering. I praise Him for what He is doing in you and through you.

    You are an inspiration and encouragement to our family and our congregation. We are carrying you in our prayers and are here for your family in any way that you need us.

    ~Susan, Paul & girls :)