Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So, Heres the skinny on what happened Sunday :)
On Sunday woke up to feverish, swollen eyes, skin, pain...devil hatin on me makin me miserable.
But I woke up with a song in my heart from the Lord again! He has such a sweet voice... well the one I hear for encouragement anyway. It takes me 2 hrs to get ready, the norm shower of course, but then I have a whole routine I have to do, med stuff, fun stuff :\ So it was early.
But I got the church on time with Alex, cuz he had to report to one of the stations. Already people from our church were filling out forms for the swabs... and this is before 10am!
Not long after 10am the waves of people came to both buildings at the several stations that were going. During the morning I met with some girls from Ball Bearings that were taking pics, asking Q's and setting up a time for a formal interview. Star Press sent someone to take pics.
Strangers, it seemed like hundreds, would come up to me and ask questions, converse, shake my hand and/or hug me! All the people that helped with set up, planning, or working a station were crazy busy, but beaming! God was sustaining such a positive attitude throughout the whole event.
At this point I want to tell you about the stats. When my mom had first talked to the Be The Match contact she originally said 400 kits would be good, and a goal of $10,000 to cover those kits. We decided we wanted 600 so she said thats great, but a lot, so we would probably have plenty left over...to use elsewhere!
Well, while I was campaigning/spreading the word I had a chance to talk to several full classes thanks to involved professors. I was also able to get in the paper and on several radio stations before the match drive. At a few points in time while discussing the amount of kits with some profs and some students they started encouraging me that 600 was not enough... that we needed more! Encouraged by this I told my mom over the phone about the conversations, and not to under estimate. I said it is better to be safe than sorry. So she contacted the lady at BTM who thought t was incredible, but sent 200 more kits! Get ready for this next part... Here is God's provision...
We used up ~860 kits in those 6 hrs...and when we looked in the last box there were 12 kits remaining!!! We used ALL 800 and got over 70 extra from where we know not!!! Tears flooded my eyes! AND THEN I heard the count on the money. We were shooting for $10,000... We raised over $25,000!! in 6 hrs!!!
And to this I say
DO NOT PUT LIMITS ON GOD or what He can do through humans... even though we are small, HE IS INFINITE!!
My mom was in tears when we were able to tell her how everything went. Our family is so touched! We are so blessed and feel so much love. We encourage you all to keep praying, and know that we feel your prayers!
But this is not the end.... No this is just the beginning. Karly and I must still battle every single day. So, we are still pushing for more people to keep registering. The more that register> the greater are our chances at a match!


  1. Now you can send them all up my way to be tested! So proud to be your Aunt, you're a beautiful girl!

  2. So how long before we know if you found a match?

  3. Kelsey and Karly: You don't know me, but my name is Robyn Roller, my daughter Rhea (18) was diagnosed with A.L.L. on May 15th of this year. She is currently undergoing treatment at Riley Hospital and doing pretty well. You can see her story on the caring bridge site under RHEAROLLER. I was so inspired by your story today on WGNR moody radio. I had tears in my eyes because of your great faith through all of this. How wonderful it was to hear of your hope in Christ and how you just put it all in God's hands. God blessed my heart today and reminded me that my daughter is in His hands and that He has a grand purpose for her in all of this. Thank you for spreading your faith down here to Greenwood, Indiana-May God Bless and I will mention you in my prayers when God puts you on my mind. Jer. 29:11 Robyn Roller

  4. May you continue to feel God's presence and blessing as you travel this road you are on. I am not a local, but I have been a registered bone marrow donor for over 20 years. In that time, I was called as a preliminary match one time. I know that if I was ever to match a person in need, I would not hesitate to complete the donation. I applaud you in your efforts to find a donor match, and I pray that you find your match! Peggy W.

  5. Please keep posting on the blog- even though you may feel it is not important or "worth the read" people will be blessed!

    I will come back whenever you post! I have you in my reader now, and look forward to following you and your sister, and holding you before the throne of Grace.

    Thank you for your honest and un-candy coated perspective. God is big and huge... and so is your disease- neither can or should be minimized. I will pray for you and your sister, as well as your family!

    Please - if you would- when you post include one or two phrases of specific prayer needs for you! When you behold your savior and all of this is past tense- you will be thankful you trusted HIM! GOD BLESS YOU!