Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another update for Karly

Since the last update on Karly a few things have happened. We went to IU Health to see a Vascular Interventional Radiologist. We really like him, and he instantly seemed bonded to our story. He said to consider him a part of our team. What a blessing! He believes she has something rare called Mid-Aortic Syndrome. Even if this is not the correct terminology, we are in pursuit of finding out more of what is happening in her body. She has several arteries and vessels that are severe to critical in narrowing, with some calcified areas as well. Everyone has come to the same conclusion about what to do, and all have decided that stenting wouldn't fix the renals arteries. Because this is more widespread, we have started on the dreaded steroids. For a Dock8 patient, this means that her immune system will be even more immune-suppressed which also means the viruses will be able to wreak havoc on her. What we are praying for is that God would protect her from this and that the steroid would fix all the vessels as soon as it can, so she can come off of it. We hope for her creatinine to come down. It has increased again a lot over the last month. After being on the steroid for a week, we will test the creatinine again to see if it has come down which means the steroid is working. In theory, if the creatinine comes down, then the blood pressure will come down.(Double-edged sword because the steroid can increase the blood pressure and cause swelling). So far, the blood pressure has been okay, with only a little noticeable swelling today in her hands. Also, if the creatinine comes down, she can get the CTA to look at the vessels and arteries around her heart. Right now, the dye used to look at this is a problem, but hopefully it will be okay after the creatinine comes down. These are just some of the things we are trying to achieve in the next month or so. We just keep track of one day at a time.
Thanks for praying with us!

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