Friday, January 25, 2013

Be The Match Donor Drive Feb. 9, 2013

  • Be The Match occurring February 9, 2013
    11:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Normandy United Methodist Church
    450 W. Alex Bell Road
    Centerville, OH 45459

    CAMERON HARTMAN, despite having a 99% successful bone marrow transplant for a very rare DOCK 8 mutation, lost his battle due to severe complications. To honor CAMERON, his family is hosting a donor drive to raise awareness and help find a match for KARLY KOCH who is also diagnosed with DOCK 8 mutation. Her only possible cure is a bone marrow transplant.
    By joining the Registry you will not only help KARLY, but others like her who are searching for a cure too! There is no greater gift than the gift of Life! The need is great and the solution is simple, but the cure starts with YOU. Please come and support this life-changing event!

    Karly Koch, age 18, has been looking for a perfect match since August 2009. She still doesn't have a match. Even with a perfect match, like Cameron, complications from the transplant can end her life. His transplant was successful, but the complications were great. A less than perfect match or haploid transplant do not give her the best chances of survival. Karly is the younger sister of Kelsey, age 22, who passed away from DOCK8 February 2, 2011 from complications of a double cord blood transplant. She didn't have a match either. As the disease progresses, her need for a transplant escalates. We pray everyday for guidance because the choices we have right now are NOT good choices. We pray and are hopeful that through this donor drive, one of Cameron's legacies will be finding Karly a match.
    Contact: Norman or Amy

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