Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's over

Our flight arrived late Sunday night, cab driver was late, luggage all arrived, rainy night, horrible cab ride, bad room assigned, but got re-assigned to better room. We seriously thought we were going to get stranded along the highway...that is how bad the cab was. It sputtered and shook all the way to the Inn. We did arrive safe and had a room. Kelsey got admitted to the hospital Sunday night. She was up until 3:00am waiting on things to happen. Then, Monday morning she had 41 tubes of blood withdrawn, couldn't eat anything until after the endocrine testing, and couldn't take a shower. Everything was accomplished that needed to done on Monday. She has a finger that has been giving her fits of infection that is now becoming uncontrollable. After consults from the Dermatology dept., it looks like they are trying to find a plastic surgeon who will laser the wart and remove the nail to prevent infection during the transplant. They are still discussing the best treatments, length, and regime before her transplant, so we don't know when she will be coming home or going back. We are hopeful that she will be able to come home this weekend for a few days before going back. The target date for the transplant admission is October 12. Her spirits are good!

Karly had CT scans of chest, abdomen, and pelvis, blood withdrawn, IVIG, and an Ear, Nose, and Throat consult where they scoped her throat. Everything is looking pretty good. She sees her oncology team tomorrow and dermatology, then flies home by herself for the first time. Pray nothing interferes with what she knows to do. She had some down time tonight with other teens in the teen room..playing Pictionary and Taboo. Now, she is working on homework. Tomorrow between appts., she is Skyping her Latin class. This is grand technology. Pray it works well for her sake.

Tomorrow is a crazy day at the Koch home. Please pray everyone does everything they need to in the correct time frame. Grandma is doing a big chuck of driving starting at 3:30 to places she's been to once. Pray for safety and peace be with her during this time.

We have been meeting many new people and teams like the Pediatric Oncology Branch. Some I met while here with Karly, but Kelsey is meeting for the first time. She is pleasant and helpful to everyone. The social work gal is having a student learn with Kelsey because she is so compliant. Some of the Dermatology Doctors sound like they are planning a new article for the general doctors who can learn at an early age how to spot Dock 8. Kelsey is all about helping with that. She is amazing. I am so proud of her and Karly. I watch what they go through and cannot imagine how I would handle it. Karly had her throat sprayed with this awful tasting numbing stuff. It is not painful or anything, but they were kidding me that I should taste and experience it. I declined. This is just normal stuff for them and even when they always have a choice to decline, they choose to comply to help themselves and others. Well, gotta get ready for bed and kick back a minute.
Love to you all,

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