Sunday, October 18, 2009

Had a really rough day(for no reason but bodily failure). Most days are not great, but today was specifically bad because I could not even make it to work. Ive been able to endure working through cracked ribs, double ear infections, chronic sinusitis, burnt flesh(from UV treatments), and flu-like symptoms from meds I had to take over the summer... I just cant really even start to explain today.
Woke up and everything was swollen, red, uncomfortable(understatement), skin was on fire and itching at same time, lots of pain, exhaustion...You might ask where? answer: everywhere, head to foot, finger to finger. I tried so much to get things calm enough so I could go to work... nothing worked, and that was like 15 hr ago, and things are just not much better. I took meds and tried to sleep and see when I woke up if things would be better... ugh no such luck.
Just a couple extra stressful situations thiss week... I leave for NIH Bethesda, Maryland on Thur, mom is gone off to Kazakhstan, school is bringing more stress to a full plate, cant I chew and swallow?
I just read a long story from a friend that posted it about Eleazar and a mother and 7 of her sons... it was difficult to read. Very gory-fied and yet glorified. The main characters suffered great torture because a king wanted them to eat pig and other defiled idol meat...
Ridiculous... but so is my circumstance. I do not see why Lucifer must keep on the torture- can he not see that as a christian- strength is from the Lord, peace, perseverance, and simple human hardships can not take those, can not break the bond with God? It ridiculous, and yet it goes on. At the end of each martyrs life, while flesh and/or entrails dangling, blood flowing, bones broken they affirmed the loved ones watching and rebuked the king and soldiers by restating that they will have forever in heaven, that God is being given all the glory, and that the kind will reap his reward in the eternal pit of fire/agony in hell.
I feel I must say, this is quite extreme but there are similarities... God is getting the glory, he stays my heart, soul, life... while there is always such depression about me...clouds and rain do pass. I am approaching a Light... and those who believe and pray with me do also :)
Thank you for your prayers...yet another day of torture and glory pass :)

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  1. Kelsey! I was just thinking about you the other day. But my internet wasn't working (so annoying sometimes!) so I was going to see what you were up to when I finally got it to work and when I finally got to check my email my mom had forwarded the email that your mom sent to the homeschoolers...

    You're in my prayers and many others, as well. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Seriously, you are amazing and a wonderful example to me. I hope things get better, if you ever need anything, I can't help with much, but if you can think of anything I can help with (with many states in between), just let me know! I love you and so does the Lord! You have these trials because you are one of his stronger daughters and he knows you can handle it! Keep the faith! Continue to follow the Spirit and don't forget to SMILE!!!! :D

    I love you!
    Ashley Jeanette Carter